MOOSIC, PA Hazleton Creek Properties (HCP) of Moosic, PA, has generously donated and installed two new sets of doors to the Greater Hazleton Senior Citizens Center at 24 East Broad Street in downtown Hazleton. The existing double doorway, which may have dated back to the center’s opening in 1969, was in desperate need of replacement and would frequently blow open when cold gusts of air would whistle down Broad Street, which was often. The in-kind contribution of parts and labor by Mark Construction Services, which was valued at $7,500, was arranged by Hazleton Mayor Lou Barletta, who has long championed providing greater resources and opportunities for the region’s many senior citizens.

“On behalf of the citizens of Hazleton and especially our seniors who have come to rely so heavily on the center as a social gathering place, I would like to sincerely thank Hazleton Creek Properties and Bill Rinaldi, for this very generous contribution to the Greater Hazleton Senior Citizens Center,” said Mayor Barletta. “The comfort of the many elderly users of the center is extremely important, especially in these harsh winter months. Hazleton Creek Properties has long been known for its generosity and this contribution is just another example of the company’s laudable civic pride and commitment.”

“When Mayor Barletta told us about this problem at the senior center, we didn’t hesitate to offer our resources and expertise to install new and vastly improved doorways to the facility,” added HCP’s Bill Rinaldi. “Our senior citizens deserve our admiration and respect. Providing them with a greater degree of comfort in their beloved Hazleton community center is the least we could do.”


The mission of Hazleton Creek Properties (HCP) is to improve the quality of life for residents of the Greater Hazleton community. HCP is currently engaged in a major mine reclamation project that, once completed, will improve the health and safety of Hazleton and enhance the community’s natural beauty. The firm has already completed an important phase of the transportation infrastructure component of the project through the design and construction of a loading and unloading facility with the capacity to handle up to 80 rail cars. First and foremost, HCP is committed to protecting the environment and residents of the Greater Hazleton community.


The New York City Cross Harbor Project, under the direction of William F. Rinaldi, will safely remove and properly reuse soil material from the Greater New York City and Long Island regions; quickly and efficiently transport the materials across the Hudson River via barges; and carry the materials via existing Norfolk Southern rail lines to Pennsylvania for beneficial reuse as part of a major mine reclamation project that will eliminate a significant public safety issue and improve the quality of life for Pennsylvania residents.

The New York City Cross Harbor Project will provide significant, lasting benefits for the residents of the New York City and Long Island regions. Through the increased use of barges and rail to transport the soil materials, it will significantly decrease highway congestion and air pollution by reducing the over-reliance on trucks to move the materials. If a mere 10% of intercity freight now moving by highway was shifted to rail, 2.5 million fewer tonsof carbon dioxide would be emitted into the air annually. Additionally, if just 10% of the freight that currently moves by truck was diverted to rail, fuel savings would approach one billiongallons per year. Fewer trucks would translate into safer roads: a single 80,000-lb. truck creates the same damage to highways as 10,000 cars and, over a five-year period, accidents involving large trucks have claimed the lives of more than 25,000 people in the U.S.

Rail offers a safer, more economical, and more environmentally friendly mode of transportation of New York City’s and Long Island’s soil materials, but rail alone isn’t the answer. Presently, freight trains must travel some 150 miles north of New York City to Albany, NY in order to cross the Hudson River. It is time-consuming, inefficient and costly.

Not only does the Cross Harbor Project offer the fastest, cleanest, safest, and most economical means of transporting and properly disposing of New York City’s and Long Island’s soil materials, but the project also will promote partnerships with barge operators, trucking firms, labor unions, and others, which will lead to job creation and increased economic development for the region.

The New York City Cross Harbor Project will save the New York City and Long Island municipalities time and money and be beneficial to the regional environment.


After successfully raising $1 million of funding, Luzerne County is adopting the after-school SHINE program, targeting students in kindergarten through eight grade who are considered to be “at risk.” In accordance with the new program, which has initially launched in seven area schools, there’s no need for local school district to contribute anything equipment and facility space.

The seven schools which have been selected for the first phase of the Shine program include:

  • Heights Murray Elementary School in Wilkes-Barre
  • State Street Elementary School in Larksville
  • Maple Manor Elementary School in Hazle Township
  • Greater Nanticoke Elementary School in Nanticoke
  • Hazleton Area Career and Technical School for Hazleton Area Middle School students
  • West Side Career and Technology Center for Wyoming Valley West Middle School students
  • Wilkes-Barre Area Career and Technical Center for Wyoming Valley Middle School students

The curriculum of the Shine program is project-based STEAM – Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics.

Bill Rinaldi, President and CEO of Mark Construction Services, Inc. and founder of Hazleton Creek Properties LLC, believes that Luzerne County will greatly benefit from the educational and developmental opportunities that the Shine program has to offer. Rinaldi recently commented:

“The development of our area’s youth and strengthening the educational resources available to our community is the key to creating opportunities for our children. Luzerne County is fortunate that the Shine program is now available for selected schools and I look forward to supporting its expansion and integration into additional educational centers.”

To find out more information about the program or the recent $400 federal grant secured for the next three years, click here.