Bill Rinaldi

Bill RinaldiAs the founder of Hazleton Creek Properties, LLC, Bill Rinaldi is committed to improving the quality of life for the residents of the Greater Hazleton community. With a reputation as a visionary developer of complex projects, Bill Rinaldi continuously strives to pursue business endeavors that directly benefit the community in which he lives and works.

A longtime resident of Northeastern Pennsylvania, as a well as a known and respected real estate developer, Bill Rinaldi has earned a reputation of being a business man dedicated to pursuing projects that have a direct positive impact on the surrounding community.

Hazleton Creek Properties, LLC, is the ideal example of how Rinaldi recognizes the need for change as he takes unprecedented steps to improve the quality of life for area residents. As Hazleton Creek Properties presses on with our major mine reclamation project, we look forward to a future that includes a healthier, safer, and more beautiful environment to be enjoyed by all in the Greater Hazleton area.

Bill Rinaldi stands behind our initiatives to protect the environment as we diligently work on the reclamation and remediation of the 277 acres consisting of un-reclaimed, abandoned mine pits and spoil piles. These initiatives include:

  • limiting environmental on-site risks
  • anticipating and complying with all regulations and obligations
  • preserving natural resources and protecting the environment
  • making workplace health and safety a main priority
  • pollution prevention through careful and strategic planning
About Bill Rinaldi

In addition to founding Hazleton Creek Properties, LLC, Bill Rinaldi also serves as the President of the Northeastern Economic Development Company of PA-CDC, a nonprofit organization dedicated to helping small business owners to obtain affordable financing. Rinaldi is also the President and CEO of Mark Construction Services, a full service construction management and development company committed to the procurement of projects that benefit educational, institutional, and organizational entities in Northeastern Pennsylvania.

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